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    Sort a Growing Range (Excel XP)

    I have a data sheet that consist of 10 columns. I have buttons at the top of each column that allows me to sort the data by that particular column when needed. No problem!

    But the data list is starting to grow. New entries are being added all the time. The new entries are always added to the end. No rows are being added or deleted. And there are no blank rows...

    Since my sort buttons were based on a "fixed" range, it's obviously not including the newer entries. And I'd rather not re-write the sort buttons every time a new entry is made. How can I work around this? Is it possible to name the range and have the name stick as the range grows? Will the range "see" that new entries are being made and adjust accordingly? Am I barking up the wrong tree?
    - Ricky

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    Re: Sort a Growing Range (Excel XP)

    If you have no other data beneath your database why not just sort the entire columns. Any blank rows should be ignored or placed at the end of the data.

    If this is not appropriate, try applying a Dynamic RangeName. See <!post=This post,106607>This post<!/post> by Jan Karl Pieterse for an example.

    Andrew C

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