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    No Returns in Form Fields (WinNT/Word97)

    This is driving me bananas! I want to disable the Return key in a protected Word document with Form Fields ( and 'online form') and I found this thread which seemed to answer my question perfectly.

    I've read it through carefully, copied the code snippets, added the 'myformfield' variable so it works (which the article doesn't mention as far as I can see!) but every time I run it it sticks on the line that checks that the current field is not the last one, saying it doesn't exist!

    WHAT doesn't exist? The current field? The last field? Both there as far as I can see. I've checked it all carefully and I can't find what it's complaining about!!

    I've attached a copy of my form in zip format (a very simple one, and I wouldn't have bothered with this if the user hadn't been very insistent that he didn't want the Return key to be used!).

    Any help would save the last of my hair from being uprooted!! <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>
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    Re: No Returns in Form Fields (WinNT/Word97)

    The problem is that the first dropdown is part of two bookmarks: the Dropdown1 bookmark belonging to a form field, and another one named Check1 that doesn't serve a purpose as far as I can see. As a result, Selection.Bookmarks(1) is Check1, not Dropdown1 as intended. Deleting the Check1 bookmark (Insert | Bookmark..., select Check1, click Delete) seems to take care of the problem.

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