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    Logging 'Badmail' Exchange 2000

    Is there anyway to turn off logging badmail (Program Files/Exchsrvr/Mailroot/vs1/Badmail)? We are running out of room our server and I have to clean out this directory every day. What is the purpose of this directory? If we really don't need these files (deleting them seems to make no difference) there anyway to have them not be created in the first place?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Re: Logging 'Badmail' Exchange 2000

    Straight away, let me say that my Exchange knowledge is pretty shallow. After the unexpected "retirement" of our network admin, we ran into the same trouble. I would hope that the period for which bad mail is kept, or the choice not to keep bad mail at all would be a user configurable option in Exchange; a consultant told us it wasn't and that our only choice was to delete the Bad Mail folder and create a new one. I wrote this batch file (!!) that does just that; we use Scheduled Tasks to kick it off each morning at 2 AM. Best of luck!<pre>REM Purpose: To remove the BadMail file in Exchange
    REM which tends to get filled with files in
    REM accordance with MS KB# 324958.
    REM Created By: Shane Sargent
    REM Created On: 01/23/2004
    REM Modified By:
    REM Modifed On:
    REM Modified Comment:

    REM @echo off

    REM *** Change directory to correct spot ***
    chdir /d C:Program FilesExchsrvrMailrootvsi 1

    REM *** Rename old BadMail directory ***
    rename BadMail BadMail_Old

    REM *** Create new BadMail directory ***
    mkdir BadMail

    REM *** Delete contents of, and old BadMail directory;
    REM do it in quiet mode and don't ask permission to delete the folder. ***
    rmdir /s /q BadMail_old</pre>

    Edit -- link to Knowledge Base article: KB 324958
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