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    why check boxes are not unchecked (2003)

    Why are check boxes not white by default? Does it have to do with the Form that contains these check boxes is unbound, if so is there a way to set the deafult value to False or 0? The way my Form looks now is all the check boxes are shaded, not white or checked.

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    Re: why check boxes are not unchecked (2003)

    Unless you set a default value, a check box will be indeterminate until you tick or clear it. This holds for both bound and unbound check boxes. For bound check boxes, you can set the default value of the underlying Yes/No field in the table (in the lower portion of the table design window), or of the check box control (in the Data tab of the Properties window.) For unbound check boxes, you can only set the default value of the control, of course.

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