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Thread: Subform values

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    Subform values

    I am attempting to pass a value from a subform into a SQL stmt to populate the parent form. I started with:

    myvalue = forms![parentform]![subform]!control.column(x,y)

    sSQL = bla + bla + myvalue

    I know everything works except I am receiving an invalid property error message. I don't get it, because when I am in the code for the subform I can get the value. When I move out to the parent form I don't get the value. I am sure that it works in Access97 but I am using Access 2000.

    Any thoughts??

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    Re: Subform values

    ahhhh - Never mind.
    In Access 2000 subforms are entities in themselves. So ...

    myvalue = forms![parentform]![subform]!control.column(x,y)

    Should be:

    myvalue = forms![parentform]![subform].form.control.column(x,y)

    Hows that!!!

    Thanks for all your help!!!

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    Re: Subform values

    That isn't new to Access 2000. The problem is that the subform control on the parent form doesn't actually represent the subform, it's merely a container for it. So if you need to reference a control on the subform, it's often safest to specify the .Form method to get to the actual subform and its controls collection. This is especially true if you're referencing it from outside the parent form.

    It would be perfectly OK to write this as well:

    myvalue = forms![parentform]![subform].form!control.column(x,y)

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