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    Embedding Help in documents (XP)

    Hello All

    I am interested in embedding Help into Word documents. For example, is it possible to have an option on the Help menu that opens a help file that is document-specific? Or to have F1 help available in different columns, etc.? The documents would in most cases not be forms (and I am aware that status bar help is available for form fields).

    Thanks for your help.

    Roger Shuttleworth
    London, Canada

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    Re: Embedding Help in documents (XP)

    You cannot directly integrate document content (or embedded files in the document) into Word's help system, but you could:

    (1) Take over the F1 keystroke and respond to it using your own code in which you check the location of the insertion point in the document;
    (2) Add help buttons or hyperlinks in the document to which you respond with your own help information;
    (3) Embed a compiled help file (*.CHM) or just a plain old Word document with help text;
    (4) Add a menu item that runs a macro that launches any kind of file (inside Word or outside Word).

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