The programmers at my company are plagued with issues related to the Package and Deployment Wizard. When writing an application and then creating an installation package, then trying to run this package on the server, EVERY SINGLE TIME it will announce it is copying files, then present you with an OK/Cancel window stating that the system needs to reboot (assumably to register the controls just copied). So you reboot the system and run the install again, it copies the same files, and again, presents you with the same window stating you have to reboot. This never ends. What we have been doing is using Regsvr32.exe to manually register the controls from a command line. For files that are in use we would reboot into a DOS mode, explicitly delete the file and copy in the new file (such as scrun.dll). We found one time that these copied files were stored in an obscure directory (system32msftpdw.something) so we wrote a program to loop all of the files and attempt to execute the regsvr32.exe on each. This worked for all files with the exception of the shared, of course.

Can't begin to tell you how time consuming and annoying this is - especially if you are deploying to several fat clients. I even called Microsoft Support who didn't identify it as any bug so they woud charge us for just searching the knowledge base and sending us the article. So, we declined their service and searched the KB ourselves (again) and didn't come up with anything.

Someone else out there must have run into this issue, and hopefully, has found a better way around this.