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    Buying Second Hand Office 2000

    I have a friend who will purchase Office XP as soon as it comes out. He always has to have the newest.
    I want to buy his old Office 2000. My friend will remove Office 2000 from his own computer, so it should be legal for me to buy his software and become a licenced user. So how do I go about making this happen in light of Microsoft Office 2000 registration limitations?

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    Re: Buying Second Hand Office 2000

    if your friend is buying an upgrade copy, he has to keep the copy of office he has now to be legal.

    do you know if your friend has used the two allowed lic up? if not, it will register itself over the net for you. otherwise, call the number and tell the csr that you bought a copy used.

    you (or he) might want to consider buying a copy of office 2000 now and using hte technology guarentee to get xp free (for shipping). It may be less than buying an upgrade of xp and you can use the new copy of office that has never been registered.

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    Re: Buying Second Hand Office 2000

    Great idea. Got the info I needed at the Microsoft site. Thank you for your help.

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