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    Linking To MS Office Files (2002)

    I would like to import (preferably) a Visio drawing (a structure chart) or (second best) a Powerpoint structure chart into FrontPage and then be able to reopen it in the application that created it on click. At present the only way I can amend my structure charts in FrontPage is to completely replace them - meaning I have to reset all the hotspots.

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    Re: Linking To MS Office Files (2002)

    The types of files that FrontPage creates are not OLE containers. That is, they cannot contain embedded objects, just text and links. You can insert links to certain kinds of "rich" content into an HTML page using ActiveX controls. For example, there is a control that will provide interactivity with an Excel worksheet. I think the easiest way to generate the code you need to embed an Excel worksheet is to do a Save As Web Page from inside Excel (but my memory's a little hazy there). If you poke around in Visio, does it have anything like that?

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