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    Is there a Query 'Dynaset' anymore (Access 2002)

    It seems the more I try to find a reference to a "runned" query, the least I'm finding the word Dynaset (sorry for the bad English). In Access 97 and 2000, most training manuals referred to the results of a Query that was run as a Dynaset. Am I outdated or do the new Access manuals just choose to ignore the word "Dynaset". Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Re: Is there a Query 'Dynaset' anymore (Access 2002)

    In 2000 and 2002, the default object model is ADO, which has different constants and terminology. Dynaset is a DAO term for an updatable recordset, which you'll find used in Access 97 and earlier. You're more likely to see the term "keyset" in 2000+. In any case, queries are not necessarily dynasets even in earlier versions.

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