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    Always tries to access the Internet (Office XP / SP2)

    For the past two months Word XP tries to connect to my ISP's DNS address when I start it. This is being reported by ZoneAlarm. If I tell ZA to deny access, then the next time I start Word it will sometimes not ask to go the the Net.
    I suspect foul play but cannot find any evidence. AdAware and SpyBot S&D report no unusual activity. Norton AntiVirus runs clean. No unusual macros in Word. Does any one have any experience with this? Thank you for any help.

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    Re: Always tries to access the Internet (Office XP / SP2)

    Do you have any add-ins installed, such as Acrobat or Norton's Office plug-in? To start Word without any add-ins, as test to see if an add-in is the culprit, try:

    Start > Run... > winword.exe /a

    If ZA reports nothing, you can start checking through your macros and global templates and add-ins until you find the one that does it. If ZA still reports Internet-checking activity, it might well be Word itself. The rumor on Word 2003 is that it's checking for program updates. Not sure if Word 2002 does this; I've just never noticed.

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