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    Hidden Dialog Box (XP)

    Hi All,

    When I open Word XP, it seems to behave a little differently than when I open an existing document later on with respect to some dialog boxes. To be more specific:

    - if I open Word with no document and then go to use Word's File | Open dialog, the dialog opens but you don't see it the box. It seems hidden by whatever's on the screen, even if it's only Word. The Word button on the task bar flashes but that may not be noticed. I'd say this is the behavior I get about 80% of the time with this case. This is not too annoying since I rarely open Word to a blank document.

    - if I open Word with a doc that has macros (ie, double click the doc file), the open process starts. But again the dialog box for the Confirm Open is hidden from view behind other open windows. Again, the taskbar button flashes but may go unnoticed. I'd say this behavior occurs close to 100% of the time when opening a file with macros as the first thing when opening Word.

    In both cases, if I've done other things in Word and then try either of the above, the corresponding dialog box is on top.

    Any ideas of how to get those dialog boxes to always be on top?



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    Re: Hidden Dialog Box (XP)

    According to MSKB article Title Bars Flash, Word Becomes Unresponsive, or Word Cannot Close, the Norton AntiVirus plug-in for Microsoft Office can cause this behavior. The plug-in can be disabled without compromising security. The MSKB article contains a link that gives more information.

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