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    MailMerge-Lost Data Sources/Access or DBASE (WORD XP)

    We keep encountering merge documents that can not retain their data sources.
    I searched the archives here, but all I saw were articles related to .xls files.
    This is specifically Access(97) and or DBASE IV(dbf).
    OK, has anyone else encountered this, and if so, do you have a solution you could offer?

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    Re: MailMerge-Lost Data Sources/Access or DBASE (WORD XP)

    Yes, we have seen it, and finally resorted to a couple of tricks. One is to make the main merge document Read-Only, so that it cannot be corrupted. Another is to actually set the merge data source using Automation from Access, but of course you can't do that from DBase. It seems that merge documents occasionally get slightly corrupted and then claim that they don't have a data source. We found this most frequently in Word97/Access97 and it seems to happen much less frequently in 2000/XP. It may also have to do with how your are executing the mail merge - if these documents were done in 97 or 2000, then you can expect to have trouble with XP, as they changed the MailMerge feature considerably.

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