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    =dcount (Xp, 2000)

    I am having trouble getting a record count to print in a report. I am trying to obtain the count of tapes with a unique barcode. I have a query (qryUniqueTapeBarcodes) that returns a list of unique bar codes. The record count at the bottom of the query is correct and I need that count to show in a formatted report. I have created a report with all the labels that I need. For the record count, I created a textbox and put =dcount([qryUniqueTapeBarcodes]![Barcode/File #]) as the control source. All my labels and the text box are in the report header as I do not want anything repeated for each record in the query. Problem is that my text box does not show anything and when I go back and look at the properties, the control source is empty.

    If I use count instead of dcount, it is displays as an error on the report.

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    Re: =dcount (Xp, 2000)

    The expression =dcount([qryUniqueTapeBarcodes]![Barcode/File #]) is not correct. The syntax is =DCount("FieldName", "TableName", "WhereCondition"), where the third argument is optional. Try

    =DCount("*", "qryUniqueTapeBarcodes")

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