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    Subtotalling a subtotal (2000)

    I've a Report with two group-footers. The inner footer includes [price] and an expression =sum([amount]). I've added an additional expression to this footer, as follows: =[price]*[txtSumAmount], where txtSumAmount refers to the '=sum([amount])' Text Box. This works fine. I now need to add another Text Box to the outer footer, that sums the 'price * txtSumAmount' expression. I've tried several variations. How can I sum up the subtotals obtained in one footer to obtain a grand total in the other footer?

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    Re: Subtotalling a subtotal (2000)

    Put another text box in the inner footer with Control Source =[price]*[txtSumAmount].
    Set its Visible property to False and its Running Sum property to Over Group.
    Name this text box txtRunningSum.
    Put a text box in the outer footer with Control Source =[txtRunningSum].

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