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    Excel Protection (2000 9.0.2720)

    I am trying to protect multiple "sheets" within a workbook which I have done BUT I then want to only e-mail a "sheet or tab" to a specific recepient. When I try the send to: mail receipient... the other "sheets" are attaching as well even though they are "protected". I tried sending as an attachement as well but no luck. In other words if I want to only send "sheet 1" ... Sheet 2-15 are being e-mailed as well. I would prefer not to have to cut/paste 15 different confidential contracts. Help!

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    Re: Excel Protection (2000 9.0.2720)

    Check out the code at Ron DeBruin's site. He has example code for emailing sheets to various people. You could set up a sheet with names and sheet names (see this part of that site for the setup and code).


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