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    Having access 97 & 2000 on one PC (MSAccess)

    Does anyone know hopw I can install both Access 97 (onits own) and Access 2000 (along with the rest of the MSOffice 2000 suite) onto onto the same Windows 2000 PC??
    I am able to load both, but when I set Access 97 as the default program for .mdb files, not all my databases open with Access 97 or there is an error message
    Anyone know of how I can choose which Access I use to open with which database?

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    Re: Having access 97 & 2000 on one PC (MSAccess)

    When you install different versions of Access on the same PC, the last version you used will be the one used when you open a database from Windows Explorer. One workaround is not to open databases from Windows Explorer, but always from within Access, i.e. you must start the correct version of Access first.
    Another workaround is to create shortcuts for each database that open it in the correct version of Access.
    A third workaround is to create options "Open with Access 97" and "Open with Access 2000" in the right-click menu for .mdb files. This is done in Windows Explorer, from the File Types tab of the Tools | Folder Options... dialog.

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    Re: Having access 97 & 2000 on one PC (MSAccess)

    I remember seeing mention of a utility that would open a database in the correct version of Access. I'm pretty sure it was on one of the more well-known Access sites, and it was free. But I can't seem to find it. You might try a Google search.
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