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    Really REALLY get rid of the web toolbar? (Word XP)

    Howdy folks,

    I've already created and used the "BanishWebToolbar" macro. However, every time I click a link to a Word document in a web page the darn thing is back, and my company (in their infinite foolishness) has chosen to deploy all our templates via an intranet web site. In other words, I'm banishing the toolbar several times a day.

    Is there a way to completely remove the toolbar? Or a way to stop Word from enabling it when opening a Word document from the web? Or a way to stop IE from opening Word documents inside Word?

    TIA for the help.


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    Re: Really REALLY get rid of the web toolbar? (Word XP)

    If you have executed CommandBars("Web").Enabled = False, the web toolbar should go away and stay away. But perhaps your network admins have installed a policy that restores it. You could create an AutoExec macro in your template that executes the above code. This will disable the toolbar each time you start Word.

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