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    Query quandry (Access 2000)

    I wonder if this day will ever be over...sigh Will try to make this the last one I ask today, seriously...adding a pic of query

    If I have a query that looks at when a payment was made, counts the days between that and the day it was shipped...if over 30then considered late and customer must pay 1% late fee on that amount...But how can I tell it once month two comes that the customer has made another payment, as this is written in the same field as the previous payment, and that they only owe 1% late fee if they made that payment after the 15th of the month.

    Right now my formula looks like this:

    1%LateFee: IIf([Daystween]>=30,CCur([APR18%]*1.01))

    The APR is figured like this:

    APR18%: IIf([Paid]=0,CCur([Balance]*1.018))

    where Paid is a check box determining if they paid in full yet or not

    where they already owe 18% monthly on account balance just for having a balance, the 1% is in addition to that if they are paying after the 15th of every month.

    Just can't figure out how to tell the formula to look at the payment date and if it falls after the 15th then to charge the flat rate late fee of 1%


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