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    Inventory Control (Access 2002)

    I am tasked with developing an Access inventory control system for ~1,000 parts and subassemblies, value >$1 million, <6 simultaneous networked users, ~ 45 total users, back end on server, front end on desktops. We need the normal inventory control data and reports, and need to allow for three suppliers having their own part number, cost, and lead time for the same item. We're just using a simple two-bin system to control reorders; nothing fancy, no EOQs, etc. To improve our safety stock/reorder point, we need to track history of usage over time via withdrawals & date, recounts & date, etc. Any freeware/shareware starting points that might be better than the Access Inventory Control database wizard would generate? Thanks in advance for any suggestions from this Lounge newbie! <img src=/S/thankyou.gif border=0 alt=thankyou width=40 height=15>

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    Re: Inventory Control (Access 2002)

    Hi Dale

    Check out

    Allen Brown - Inventory Control: Quantity on Hand

    One of your biggest challenges is decide, do I Calculate or Store the Quantity On Hand instead.

    I use to store quantity on hand in previous languages (tab equipment Hollerith 5081 punch cards) only because I wasn

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