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    Totaling Yes/No Data Types (Office 97)

    Thank you Hans V for your response to my posting last week! I'm still having problems with my query, so let me expand a little more. I need to create a report that would total several Yes/No fields like LvnWill (living will), MealsOnWhls (meals on wheels), LifeLnRef (Lifeline Referral) that were check yes, based on a start date and a end date or between dates of a DDate (Discharge Date) field.

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    Re: Totaling Yes/No Data Types (Office 97)

    Hi Ken,

    If you have a follow-up question, it is best to post it as a reply in the original thread (<post#=361906>post 361906</post#>); that way, I and other Loungers can relate your new question to the original one. I am locking this thread to avoid confusion.

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