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    WYSIWYG fonts in Office 2000

    We are currently deploying O2K throughout our company and there is a debate in progress regarding the Font (and Style) pull down bar and the ability to show WYSIWYG font names and styles. The main issue is that we have a company font which shows up as boxes on the wysiwyg font display. I've tried working out how the picture fonts Webding and Wingdings are displayed, i.e. a simple name followed by example characters. Our own font, developed with Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 does seem to want to do that.
    Our font is True Type, and I've looked at the info displayed by the Font Thing program but I have not been able to discern any differences. Does any one have any ideas?
    Dave R

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    Re: WYSIWYG fonts in Office 2000


    I am only guessing here, but I suspect that Word displays the font based on the the style property. I assume that if the font style is set to symbol then word will use a basic font for the name and the actual font for some example characters. I have a custom built font which I recall assigning the symbol style to and it works fine in Word WYSIWYG preview, the name being rendered in a normal text style, with some of the symbols shown after.

    If you have access to Fontogropher I am sure you can edit the properties. If not try<A target="_blank" HREF=,,000XRB,.html> Font Creator </A>. As that is a font creation tool it should have the facility to edit the properties of existing fonts. I have never used it so I cannot be sure. It is a 30 day trial version so you can try it out.

    Andrew C

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