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    Multi word search on two tables (Access 2000)

    I am trying to set up a search system similar to how the search engines work, but for an off-line database. Where the user can type in several words into a textbox, and the when clicking a search button it checks all the fields in two linked databases and displays the results.

    I am just trying to get the query to work at the moment. I can get it to search on one word throughout every field on a table, but not two words. I can do it with two textboxes by running two queries, but would be glad if there's a way to use only one textbox? is there a way in an access query to run a multi field search showing only those records which contain both words in the textbox (when those words are in different fields in the record).

    Eg a search using "Yorkshire Food" would display all companies in Yorkshire which sell food.

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    Re: Multi word search on two tables (Access 2000)

    You could write code to:
    - parse the text in the text box into words (separated by spaces), using the Split function.
    - construct a query for each word.
    - construct a query that returns only those records that are in the result of each of the separate queries.
    I haven't actually tried this, but I suspect that performance might be sluggish.

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    Re: Multi word search on two tables (Access 2000)

    How are you trying to do the search - with a Query that has a criteria something like <font color=blue><font face="Georgia">Like "*myWord*"</font face=georgia></font color=blue> for each field?
    Or are you using the Find command from the menu? Also a description of the table structure would be useful.

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