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    Chart Export from XL to PP: Weird Problem

    Don't know how well I can describe this but here goes:

    Built a macro to export all charts in an Excel file to PP (each chart on its own slide, with some charts going to 2 or 3 different presentations). Nobody working on this is VBA savvy, so it's a rat's nest of code.

    The macro goes to each sheet, copies the charts as pictures (CopyPicture method), flip over to PP and paste. Once all are pasted, the macro resizes the images in PP.

    If you run the macro several times in a row (4 or so), some charts undergo very slight changes each time the macro runs: legend moves and plot area shrinks.

    It becomes quite noticeable after a while, to a point where the legend is in a completely different location and the plot is tiny. It does not happen to all charts, but always to the same ones. They are not sequential or in any way different from the others that I can tell.

    Can't figure out why they are changing when the only thing we're doing to them in Excel is picking them up and copying.

    I have tried closing Excel or the file at the end of the macro hoping it was some sort of need to

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    Re: Chart Export from XL to PP: Weird Problem

    Somethings you could try:

    .Right click in the chart (in a "white" area), and select "Chart properties. Under the Peroperties tab, select "Don't move or size with cell".

    .Right click everywhere where where there is text (x axis, y aaxis, title, legend etc). Under font, untick Auto scale. (Short cut- when you've done it on one, left click on the next, and Ctrl-Y.)

    This may not help. But if the chart is resized, the "Auto font" option can change the size of the font. And the chart can be resized accidentally if you don't have the "move or size" selection tick and a column width changes.

    The other thing you can do is save it, export, and close without saving- if you get desoparate!
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    Re: Chart Export from XL to PP: Weird Problem


    Thanks for the help - we went with the desperate solution. For unrelated reasons, we had already removed autoscaling as the setting to move and size with cells, so that left only the option to close without saving. Works pretty well for what it is.

    Thanks again.


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