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    Missing field calculations on Joined tables (Access 2002)

    I joined two tables and created a calculated field to add one field from one table and one from the other. Pretty straightforward. But for for all those records that don't match, the calculation is not taking place, its a blank cause one half of the equation is blank. What can I do to make the calculation still take place? I am simply adding one field to the other, if the other is not there I still want to carry the value across to the calculated total column. Thanks

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    Re: Missing field calculations on Joined tables (Access 2002)

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    Null (blank) values will cause all calculations involving them to return Null. You can use the Nz function to replace Null values by something else, in this case by 0. Instead of [SomeField], use


    in your calculation. If that is not clear enough, please provide some more detail about the fields involved in your calculation, so that we can give more specific help.

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