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    Time Difference

    Ok this one is probably easy but I have exhausted myself trying to figure out what I am going wrong! I am trying to find the time difference between an appointment date and time (ApptDate, ApptTime)and the actual arrival date and time(ArrDate, ArrTime). Unfortunately the data is being pulled from an AS/400 so the date fields are in julian (which I have converted to gregorian, long date) and the times are text fields (which are now in short time). Since there are four fields in the query I can't figure out how to make "GetElapsedTime" to work, I even tried to concatenate each two fields. And I tried getting datediff, but can't link the dates and times together, so the results are bogus. Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Time Difference

    Since Access stores the date as the integer portion of a date number and the time as the decimal portion, you just have to add the date and time together to get date/time.

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