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    Column sorting on subforms (A97 SR2)

    I have a problem with selecting a column and then sorting on it when a form is opened in datasheet mode.
    I have created a short-cut menu for use on these forms, and when the form has no sub-form right-clicking
    on the column heading correctly shows the menu I created.

    However, when the main form contains a sub-form in datasheet mode right-clicking the column heading
    shows nothing if the main form's ShortCut Menu property is set to No, and the Access shortcut menu
    (Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, etc) if the main form's ShortCut Menu property is set to Yes.
    If I right-click on the body of the sub-form then I get the shortcut menu which I created.

    Does anybody know how I can right-click on the sub-form column heading and see the shortcut menu I created ?
    Access does not seem to want to show it.

    Thanks for any help


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    Re: Column sorting on subforms (A97 SR2)

    I don't think you can do this with a datasheet subform. You can set the Shortcut Menu property of the subform to Yes while that of the main form is set to No, but the custom shortcut menu will only be displayed if you right-click on a record; if you right-click a column header, the built-in shortcut menu will be displayed.

    You will have to create a continuous subform that looks like a datasheet.

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