To get the look I wanted for a list of links, I:

1. Created an unordered list.
2. Used the list properties dialogue to set the bullet image to a blank image I had made (a white duplicate of my theme's bullet) and the line height to 1.5 lines.

FP made the expected code of a <ul> tag with an image source of my blank image and a style setting line-height: 150%. Ok fine.

Then I saved the page. When I opened it back up, FP had completely rewritten the list as a two-column table!!! And there are odd "msimagelist" notations in all the table's <tr>, <td> and <table> tags that don't reference anything. At least it looks as intended when viewed.

What the heck????? Is there maybe some change in how HTML handles styles that would possess FP to completely rewrite a block of HTML into something completely and utterly different? Even if the end result looks as intended, this seems insane. The table code is 3 times as long as an
equivelent "styled" unordered list.

I posed this question on MS's FrontPage user group, and the response I got was that FP does this to lists when the theme is applied without css (and that FP2003 uses css by default and leaves the lists alone). But I have "apply using css" checked on for the theme, so 2002 should conceviably leave the lists alone also.

Any ideas?