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    Current And Previous Record (Access 2000)

    I am trying to run a query off a table called BasePayHist. It contains the following fields; emp#,base pay,startdate and enddate. The problem I am having is when I run a history report it gives me all the records in the basePayHist table for each employee. What I would like is a report of only the most current (the most current would have a blank end date) and the previous record. Can someone help me with this sql statement?
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    Re: Current And Previous Record (Access 2000)

    This may be a case where a self-join would do the trick. Start by creating a query that pulls just the records with a blank enddate, and then calculate an enddate for the prior record by subtracting one from the start date of that record. Then do a join between the calculated enddate in the query and the table, and pull those records that match the calculated enddate with their enddate - you probably also need to join on the employee number as well. Try doing this in the query designer rather than using SQL - most people find that approach much more intuitive. One small fly in the ointment to think about. What about cases where a person has just started, and there is not prior base payrate record????

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