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    Mailmerging XL into Word (WinNT/Word97)

    I have an XL file which is being used as a master for a mailmerge, where some of the records are duplicates, and where this happens I need to produce one letter with a list of the names of the trusts at the bottom. ie
    <pre>Mr Smith Children's Trust
    Mr Smith Grandchildren's Trust
    Mr Jones Wife's Trust
    Mr Jones Grandchildren's Trust


    would need to produce one letter to Mr Smith, with a list at the bottom of the two trusts, and one letter to Mr Jones separately, with his list. It won't know how many trusts there will be in each case - it can be anything from 2 to around 30!

    I have a field that identifies the blocks of duplicates, and another that identifies the first line of each block, so I know which records need to produce letters; what I need to do is produce something that will produce the list of trusts.

    I thought of something like this to start off (since Word knows these letters are to multiple trust-holders) ...

    {Mergefield Trustname }
    {Next } {Mergefield Trustname }

    ... but although I can use {Next} or {nextif} ad infinitum, I need to tell it that, when it hits the next new letter indicator, it should stop and go on to the next letter - something like a loop, if one can do them in mailmerge?

    I hope I'm making sense here ...

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
    Beryl M

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    Re: Mailmerging XL into Word (WinNT/Word97)

    Hi Beryl,

    See if MSKB article WD97: How to Merge Conditional Number of Records to the Same Page helps. It's tough reading!

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