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    Importing (2003)

    I have a mdb file (Access) which has employees info, another worker take the mdb file out of town and input more employess info. While the worker is out of town I also input some more workers. Now, how can I import the workers mdb file into mine?

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    Re: Importing (2003)

    It would be a good idea to store the name of (or a code for) the person who creates a record, and the date/time in the employees table. You could set the user name in the Before Insert event of the form used to enter employee records, and set the Default Value property of the date/time field to =Now().

    You can then import or link the worker's version of the table in your own copy of the database, and create an append query to add the records that have been created by the worker in a certain time interval to your table.

    Post back if you need more detailed instructions.

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