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    Internet sharing (Win XP Pro Sp1)

    I am running dial up access to the internet with 4 computer locally networked through a hub in my home office. Yes dial up that's all i can get out in th country...
    I set-up internet sharing on the main PC which hosts the modem connection to the Internet. I setup each of the remaining 4 computer to share the internet through the main PC. 2 out of the three computers connect to the internet just fine, one can't seem to make the connection. The problem is each time i power everything downI loose the Internet sharing. I power up the main computer first and connect to the internet, no problem. but each of the other computers fail to see the internet until I re run the set-up again. This occurs each time I power down the system. Although some of the remote computers can start and stop the modem connection, they still refuse to connect to the internet, or display any indication under the Network properties, to indicate they know the network exists.
    I am an administrator on all these pc's so it's not a matter of rights.
    Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Doc

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    Re: Internet sharing (Win XP Pro Sp1)

    Some of your issues may be resolved by this Knowledge Base article.
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