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    Displaying Pivot fields (Excel 2000)

    I've had to take a step backward and am now using Excel 2000 not 2002. In working with Pivot Tables, '02 was maddening in constantly shoving the list of fields in my face. Now, with '00, I can't seem to bring them up easily when I want to tweak the table. I wind up doing the wizard within the table. When I click Finish, there is the field list to select from. I keep thinking I'm missing some way to bring up that field list. Is there an easier way than re-running the Wizard? I'm campaigning for an '02 upgrade because the row limits of '00 are a problem. Thanks alot! <img src=/S/salute.gif border=0 alt=salute width=15 height=20>

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    Re: Displaying Pivot fields (Excel 2000)

    I think you have to use the Wizard in older versions of Excel.

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