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    Update table field based on event (Access XP)


    I am using Access XP as back end for a Web-based calendar application. I want to be able to enter class information in tblClasses and enter a maximum number of students who can attend (numMaxAttending).

    Students can register for a class and their information is stored in tblRegistrants with a foriegn key of the Class ID.

    What I want to do is update a field that when the number of registrants equals the maximum allowed this field is checked indicating the front-end Web application to stop allowing registrations.

    Thanks, joe

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    Re: Update table field based on event (Access XP)

    I believe you're going to have to do this from your web application, not from Access, since Access doesn't support triggers. What you could do is add a Closed yes/no field to your registrations table and test it whenever a registration is attempted. When a registration is added for a class, test the number of registrations for that class against the maximum number and when it is reached, set the Closed field to Yes. That prevents your having to do any more counting unless someone withdraws a registration.

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