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    Cannot view Office file types from Links in IE 6 (

    We have links on web pages that should load either PowerPoint files or Word files into new windows for viewing - this is no longer happening when I click on the link IE opens a new window but nothing appears in the window - no matter how long you wait. It seem as though Office XP has lost its hook into Internet Explorer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Cannot view Office file types from Links in IE 6 (

    I choose to have those document open in the applications rather than in IE. You can play with two different settings using the File Types tab in Windows Explorer
    <UL>Tools>Folder Options...>File Types tab>PPT>Advanced...[/list]Look for:
    <UL>Browse in same window - This controls whether an ActiveX control is fired in a browser window, or the file is opened in the associated application

    Confirm open after download - Generates the open-or-save prompt when you access a non-text-type file[/list]Maybe just turning them off (saving, reopening the dialog) and back on will restore your desired behavior? If not, consider whether you might have made any security settings changes or installed any new security applications.

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