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    install chinese language font on Win2000


    a user is receiving Word documents that are chinese doc's therefore have chinese characters.
    When the docs open up in Word the chinese characters are not displayed.

    What do I need to do to display the chinese characters in Word?
    Do I need to install chinse language/characters on the 2000pc?

    Its Win2000 & Word2000.
    many thanks & regards Diana

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    Re: install chinese language font on Win2000

    To DISPLAY chinese characters you don't need to install chinese keyboard layout, so it is Office/Word question.

    To EDIT chinese document you need to install chinese keyboard layout, however if you need to edit only couple of characters you can use Character Map utility.

    To display chinese characters you must install Universal (Arial Unicode MT) font. To do so,

    1. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel
    2. Open Add/Remove Programs utility.
    3. From Currently Installed Programs list, choose the program installed (for example, Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, or Microsoft Word 2002, or whatever) and highlight (click on) it.
    4. Click Change button.
    5. Choose Add or Remove Features option.
    6. From Choose update options list choose Office Shared Features | International Support | Universal Font. Choose Run from My Computer option.
    7. Click Update. If you install Office/Word from CD, be sure you have Installation CD ready. If you install it from the network, be sure you map the installation point or logon to installation server.

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