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    Outlook running from NT scheduler "at"


    Getting a problem running Access from the NT scheduler "at". I've set up a
    batch file that runs the app OK when its double clicked, but when this batch
    file is scheduled under "at" it errors with:

    429 - Activex cannot create object,

    when its trying to do a createobject for outlook, coded as in all the

    Does anyone know why scheduling under "at" would result in an error when
    running it online doesn't?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS It works online whether outlook is open or not !

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    Re: Outlook running from NT scheduler

    The laundry list of conditions that can cause that error message is pretty impressive. Could this have anything to do with permissions or licenses? It seems that issues could arise from "at" tasks not running with the status necessary to access the right license keys in the registry. (I realize this is not in technically correct jargon, but I'm a Win9x user just barely learning about NT/2000.)

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    Re: Outlook running from NT scheduler

    Hi !

    I think that you are right and that it is permissions. I've found that the schedule service can be configured to run under a user, so I set this to Admin, and now it creates the Outlook instance OK, but errors creating the next item down - a mail item..


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