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    Access Automation


    At work, we have a series of 5 read-only databases in A2K which read data from various A97 databases and then display it on flat-panel monitors. The PC's which run the databases are tucked away in a loft and are very inaccessible.

    Sometimes we need to close these databases down for maintenance or to compact them, and we want to do this remotely for the reason given above.

    I have tried using Automation in A2K to do this, but it will only open a copy of the database, and I need a pointer to the currently running version.

    Does anyone have any good ideas as to how to get round this problem - Windows Task Scheduler, PC Anywhere ?



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    Re: Access Automation


    One solution to this problem is to have a timer on a hidden Form in the database that you want to close. The timer would run every 5 mins and read a flag file on the network. When you set the flag (say to '1') the application should then close all open forms and quit the application.

    This method is detailed in the Access Power Programming book by F Scott Baker. His solution is more elaborate than what you will require as his uses a message box to ask the users to logout and then commences a countdown.

    Better to run the timer every 15 mins if you can. That means that after a maximun of 15 mins from setting the flag, each of the 5 database would have closed.


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