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    OLE Object field no longer works (Access2000)

    How does the "Insert/Object" menu in Access store the Word document into an OLE Object field?

    I have just moved an Access97 database onto a new computer and converted it to Access2000. A table in the database has a OLE Object field which contains a Word document. However, when I double click on the OLE Object field it no longer opens up the document. Do I have to reinsert the documents?

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    Re: OLE Object field no longer works (Access2000)

    I don't have an explanation or workaround for you, I just wanted to remark that I avoid the use of OLE fields. They tend to bloat the database and make it more prone to corruption. If I need to make images or documents available, I don't store them in the database itself, but leave them as external files. I store their path and file names in a text field, and use code to display the image in an image control, or to open the document in its own application.

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