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    Sort of link to another DB (2002/SP1)

    I have a database that I use to track our Sunday School students. We have a special event each summer and I have set up a seperate database for that, it's kind of specialized, so I keep it seperate. For our special event we not only have our regular Sunday School students, we also have students from the community that attend. What I have been doing is entering the information for each Family and Student in the special event DB, when a lot of what I need is already in my regular DB. Is there a way to link to the regular DB and import the information that I need and still add new students to the special event DB? Or do I need to do one or the other, all import or all new entry? I don't want to add all of the new students to the regular DB, since a lot of times, they will only attend the one event. Also, the sign ups take place over about a 4 week period and I like to enter them as I get them, rather than waiting until I have them all. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Sort of link to another DB (2002/SP1)

    Would it be OK to import the table(s) for the regular students into the special event database, and then add the one-time students?

    Or do you need a permanent link to the "regular" database, so that updates in the information about the regular students will be available in the special event database? If so, you might add a Yes/No field to the students table in the regular database, link this table in the special events database, enter ALL new students into the linked table and use the Yes/No field to specify which students are one-time only. Aftetr the summer event, you can delete or archive the one-time students.

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