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    SUS Automtic Updates

    We have configured the registry on our XP laptops to get their security updates from a SUS server that we maintain. THe technician that did the registry configuration states that the laptops still look to the Micorsoft site, as well as the SUS server for the updates. I understand that the the IE Windows update will got to Microsoft and we have no control over this. Is it also true that the Automatic Updates also go to Microsoft and the SUS server even though the registry is configured to look at the SUS server?

    If this is true, how does one disable permanently the laptop's desire to go to Microsoft for the updates.

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    Re: SUS Automtic Updates

    "No. The SUS server is only designed to communicate with the Automatic Updates component on client computers and does not provide for access to an internal Windows Update Web site. Even in a SUS environment, if you click the Windows Update link in the Start menu, you will be directed to the external Windows Update Web site from which you would install updates, instead of from the SUS server."

    " Q. How can I tell if my client computers are talking to my SUS server and not to the external Windows Update Web site?
    A. On the client machine(s), open %windir%Windows Update.log and look for entries that look like http://mysusserver/autoupdate/getmanifest.asp to confirm that the Automatic Update component is being properly redirected to your SUS server."


    "If, after reviewing the SUS Deployment Guide, you still cannot determine the source of your problem, read the microsoft.public.softwareupdatesvcs newsgroup. The vast majority of problems and solutions are located in this online resource."


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