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    How to save field data to table? (A2KSR1)

    I know this is Day 1 stuff, but here goes:

    How do I save the data in a calculated field to the underlying table?

    I have a simple form called "F:Enter New Record" based on a table called "T:Tracking Data". On that form is a field called 'Unique_ID' whose source is =[ComboBox1] & "_" & [ComboBox2]. What I'm looking to do is select a value in each of the two combo boxes, but only store the value of the Unique_ID field in 'T:Tracking Data'.

    I REALLY need a refresher course. My version 2.0 days seem so far away now.

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    Re: How to save field data to table? (A2KSR1)

    Why don't you bind ComboBox1 and ComboBox2 to two separate fields? Access will store the values in the table automatically. You can reconstruct Unique_ID in a query.

    Storing the concatenated value would require the use of VBA.

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