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    Help, Security!!

    Hi all, I need some help in securing a database. I know so much about Access that I am dangerous. Under Tools - Startup, I basically have all the "switches" turned off so the users do not have access. However, I would like one person to be able to hit a button, enter in a password, and if correct, have access to everything (design, etc.). I have created a form based on a table containing the password but cannot figure out how to give them full access. This simple mind finds the security groups and users a little confusing and tends to mess up everything on the whole network for all 5200 employees! is that my only way out, or does anyone know of a simpler solution? Thanks much in advance!

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    Re: Help, Security!!

    If you give full rights to one user and you want to limits his activities then you need the advanced security wizard add-on. It allows you to lock the "castrated admin" in a certain form that he can not leave.
    In this form I integrate the code for the user maintenance, relinking of backend tables, modification of reports and refreshing of references.

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