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    About drove me crazy! (Access2000)

    Here is situation. I have a rather complicated form (tabs, alot of subforms, etc.) that essentially has to call itself. If the original is frmCust, then the copy is named frmCustLookup (there is some code which looks at the form name and then disallows certain controls; so, for example, the user can't try to launch another copy of the Lookup form).

    I just had just made some extensive changes to the backend, and after finishing all changes to frmCust, I copied it to frmCustLookup (as I had done many times before). However, when frmCustLookup is opened, it presents an parameter entry box for a field that is no longer in the backend. I finally traced it to a combo box which has a Select statement as the rowsource. The problem, however, is that this field is no longer in the SELECT statement!

    So, I decompiled, compacted, compiled, compacted the database; but still the parameter box comes up. Now remember, frmCustLookup is an exact copy of frmCust which opens fine!

    I finally just created a new database and imported all objects. Now it works.

    Apparently there was some bit of query optimization code stuck somewhere in the database that the decompile didn't get rid of! I'm wondering now if my routine should be changed to: decompile, import to new database, compile.
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    Re: About drove me crazy! (Access2000)


    Your troubles struck a major cord with me... Over the last two years of heavy Access development work, on several different occassions, I have had little unexplained "happenings" that have thwarted me until I basically rebuilt the offending form, and copied the VBA code from the old form to the new form. Then, magically, everything started working as expected!! Most recently, I had the "startup form" fail to start. I tried clearing the startup form field, compacting, and reinserting the form name. No good. Finally, I just deleted the form, and copied an older backup version back into the current MDB, then patched it to make it functionally like the one I'd deleted. As predicted, everything then started working again...

    There's obviously some very strange bugs still lurking deep within the bowels of MS Access and/or VBA.

    -- Jim

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    Re: About drove me crazy! (Access2000)

    Corruption issues have been around a lot longer than either Access or VBA. I dealt with them years ago in early spreadsheet applications and in DOA-based word processors, not to mention in dBase! I've also encountered them in both Word and Excel through all their versions. <img src=/S/shrug.gif border=0 alt=shrug width=39 height=15>

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