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    Partition Advice (XP)

    Just some advice really. I've partioned my drive into two, one being 10 GB© the other 40 GB(D), I've installed XP on the 10GB© drive and nothing on the other.
    Now my question.......I would like to run all my programs from (D), games, internet, utilities etc, but run the OS from ©. The idea being this is that all essential programs, like drivers, Outlook etc run from © and programs, etc run from (D) . My theory behind this is essentially a partition that I will very rarely alter and one that I will change frequently, namely © & (D). Therefore © will rarely have mistakes or missing/deleted files, (D) doesn't matter if things go belly up.........And here it is.................What's the best way to do this?
    I don't really want shortcuts from D to C, but ideally would like D operating with C behind this possible?

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    Re: Partition Advice (XP)

    Sure is TweakUI for Windows XP and you can change the default location of many special folders, such as CD burning, My Documents, and others, all from one place. For what it's worth, I tend to install programs in their own separate partition, and some will end up where Windows lives regardless of any changes you make. Search the lounge for 'partition' without quotes and you will see all kinds of advice on the topic.

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