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    I have a project with a several summary tasks each with a coding (i.e. 80 hrs) and testing subtask (i.e. 2 hrs). The testing task is a FS successor of the coding task. Prior to leveling, the testing task is scheduled to start as soon as the coding task ends. After leveling, with the leveling order set to Standard, some of the testing tasks no longer immediately follow their coding tasks but are delayed in favor of the other coding tasks. Is there a way to guarantee that each testing task will directly follow its coding task? Thank you for any assistance you may give me.

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    Re: leveling

    One way to stop the testing tasks being delayed in favour of other coding tasks is to increase the priority of the testing tasks (double-click on the task name to see the Task Information box and on the General tab increase the Priority number (it can be anything up to 999)). You may also need to change the leveling order to Priority,Standard to ensure that Project takes enough notice of your new task priority settings.
    To absolutely guarantee that testing follows coding, you can set the priority on testing tasks to 1000. This tells the machine not to level the tasks concerned under any circumstances. This should guarantee that testing now always follows coding, but you may sometimes end up with a project which the machine can't level because of these restrictions.

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