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    supressing messages usiing command line options (97)

    Hello all,

    We have the following problem.
    At night we run a commandline option to repair and compact an Access 97 database.
    But after repair, Access is showing a convermation box that the repair was succesful. Is there a way to supress this info?

    Patrick Schouten
    (The Netherlands)

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    Re: supressing messages usiing command line options (97)

    In Access 2000, a command-line argument like this:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeMSACCESS.EXE" "C:AccessNWTest.mdb" /compact /repair

    Does not result in any confirmation dialog box. I do not use ACC 97 so don't know if it works any differently (of course the "/repair" switch in A2K is redundant & should not be used). According to MSKB 105128:

    ACC: How to Use Command-Line Switches in Microsoft Access

    There should be no dialog appearing:

    /Compact <target database>

    Compacts the database specified before the /Compact option and then closes Microsoft Access. To compact to a different name, specify a target database.

    /Repair Repairs the specified database and then closes Microsoft Access.


    /Compact <<new database>> {Do not use with repair switch}

    If problem persists, recommend use DAO DBEngine CompactDatabase and RepairDatabase (DAO 3.5 or 3.51 only) methods to compact & repair database programatically rather than command-line arguments. For example of using CompactDatabase see this MSKB article:

    How to Compact Databases at a Scheduled Time

    RepairDatabase method not available in A2K/Jet 4.0/DAO 3.6 because this functionality now included in Compact & Repair functionality, whether in UI or via VBA.


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