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    Email from Access (Access XP)

    Is it possible to sort an Access database by zipcodes and then send an email from Access thu Outlook for a selected Zipcode?

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    Re: Email from Access (Access XP)

    There are a couple of ways to solve the problem. The first uses Automation to create emails in Outlook for the recordset of a query that restricts the data to a single or set of zipcodes. It requires significant knowledge about VBA and the object models of both Access and Outlook, but gives you the most freedom in creating an email. The other approach is to do a Mail Merge in Word, using the same Access query as the data source, and specifying email as the output source for the merge. Either assumes you have the email address stored in an appropriate table and this is a part of the query results. If you want further details on either approach, you can use the Search feature of the Lounge, or post back. It's a question many people have.

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