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    Hyperlink problem 2002 & Windows XP (2002)

    I have noticed the following wierd behavior with Word 2002 in Windows XP. (sp2 beta).

    I have changed the file association for .WAV files to a different file type than WIndows media player. When I double click on a .WAV file in Explorer, it opens up fine in the program I want to use for editing them. But in Word (also in Excel) I cannot create working hyperlinks to WAV files. When I click on the hyperlink, Word says first that the file may be harmful and asks if I want to open it, then it says that no program is registered to open this file.

    But in Windows 2000, also using Word or Excel 2002, the hyperlinks to WAV files work fine, opening them up in the WAV editor I selected.

    Any ideas why the hyperlinks fail in Windows XP?

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    Re: Hyperlink problem 2002 & Windows XP (2002)

    Since you haven't received a reply here, you might consider asking in the Windows XP forum. (We will then lock this thread, with a link to the new one.)

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