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    Database Interface Wizard (2003)

    The DIW doesn't work for me, although it works for someone else at our college on another server. I can create the database on my site, and view the submission form, the results page, and the database editor page. But when I try to add a record or delete a record via the database editor page, The Add New Record button gives me a page not found message, and the Delete record button doesn't delete.
    I should also explain that I couldn't even get as far as I described above, unless I moved all the files to the root folder of my web site. The files I moved are: database.mdb, confirm.asp, database_editor.asp, delete.asp, detail.asp, edit.asp, list.asp, new.asp, results_page.asp, submission_form.asp, and update.asp.
    I don't know if the problem is a setting on our web server, something I omitted when I created the DIW pages, some file I did not move to the root folder, or what?
    My colleague at the college, on his server, was able to create the pages so they work and he was able to do it in the normal folders and sub-folders that the DIW automatically creates. Mine won't work at all if I don't move the files to the root folder.
    Please help!

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    Re: Database Interface Wizard (2003)

    Are you both using the same Operating Systems and web servers?
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